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Welcome to our website and Santa Fe, the enchanted city. People from everywhere come to Santa Fe to visit. Some of us are fortunate enough to live here. Santa Fe is unique with a vast array of art, culture and history.  We hope we can help those of you moving to Santa Fe, or the rest of you who are just moving within Santa Fe.  We manage properties for clients as well as our own. We try to provide great service to the people we rent to and our investors.

We know everyone is busy and gas prices are rising. It takes longer to get around the city and time is money.  The rental market has become more sophisticated and hi-tech.  Hopefully, we can find attractive affordable Santa Fe Rentals. Basically we deal with Santa Fe residential rentals and properties. Often we have condos in Dos Santos, the Alameda Lofts, Rancho Santos, Plaza Encantada, Bishops Lodge Compound and the Pueblo Studio Apartments. We also know that having a safe community where you live is very important.  It is our policy to require credit criminal and civil background checks on our potential renters.  This help keeps your communities safer and reduces the risk of undesirable tenants (which in turn drive up costs and run down properties).

We try to make things easier and more convenient for everyone.  We hope this website will help you find properties that are more suitable to your needs and within your price range and will give you more information to help the rental process be a little easier.

We like to use the fax, the drop box, the internet , have you deposit money into our account or transfer money online. This helps you save time and avoid late fees. We look forward to working with you and hope that we can be your Santa Fe Property Manager or help you find a place to live that meets your needs.

We try to manage our properties, as if they were our own.

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